(Photo: Scott Lynch)

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

An unidentified bro must have had lousy lucky with the ladies Friday night — at 4:05 a.m. Saturday morning, he posted this Craigslist ad for prospective wingmen.

Looking For Wingman (West Village)

Weekends are the best, Lots of singles people in the west village/bleeker st area.
I am looking for a wingman.
Me: in shape, average looking, likeable attitude.
You: you should be somewhat socially fit in.
email me and we’ll meet up by that area.
closes train station is West 4st.
if you find someone u like, I can go over and let the person know and vice versa.

Once upon a time in the late ’80s, movies taught us that your best friend should be your wingman. Goose is to Maverick in Top Gun as Cameron is to Ferris in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Your wingman was the guy who’d pick you up at the airport or stash your weed. If all went according to plan, some day your wingman might be your best man. And because your wingman’s got your back, you wanted him to get laid, too (that’s what bridesmaids are for, right?).

But this guy seems to be looking for a “wingman” in the cruder, modern-day context.  Here’s what we gather from the ad, assuming it’s legit:

  1. He wants a less attractive wingman
  2. His wingman’s personality should be good, but not great
  3. He is strategically weeding out well-educated wingmen with phrases like, “you should be somewhat socially fit in.”

If you think you can help out, send him an e-mail. Warning: he’s probably going to take you out for a trial run before he commits.