(Photo: Kimberlee Hewitt)

It’s hard out there for a first-time novelist, but this one’s naked ambition paid off. Bradley Spinelli recently snagged the Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors for Killing Williamsburg, and tonight naked girls will read from his noir novel about a rash of mysterious deaths in early-aughts Billyburg. It’s not Questlove performing a “suicide set” but we’re sure Spinelli will take it.

Starting at 8 p.m. at Under St. Marks, Naked Girls Reading — the fully nude reading series that originated in Chicago in 2009 — will host a spy-themed evening featuring “tales of espionage for your eyes only” — with a selection from Killing Williamsburg thrown in for good measure. If you go, make sure to congratulate Spinelli — and about Williamsburg.