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(Photo: Daniel Maurer)


If you don’t want to cross town for a cronut you can always settle for a dough’ssant in the East Village and now, you can get a ramen burger there, too.

A knock-off of the frankenfood that had folks lining up for hours when it was introduced at Brooklyn Flea this summer has come to Zen 6, the ramen spot on East Sixth Street.

We had it for lunch today and probably won’t have it again: the stack of fried ramen, lettuce, tomato sauce, a tomato slice, mayo, and a bland hockey puck of hamburger meat is dead sloppy even when eaten sober, especially when the ramen patty comes apart as you eat it.

Word to the wise: if you absolutely must eat a ramen burger, you may want to wait till Keizo Shimamoto, creator of NYC’s first, opens a full-fledged shop in the Brooklyn Flea’s newly announced Crown Heights beer hall.