Ferris Bueller

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Harry Potter and Ferris Bueller Come Alive For These Adults-Only Tributes

Whether you’re a child of the ’80s or the aughts, your film heroes will come to life at these tributes to Ferris Bueller and Harry Potter. Get ready to don your wizard hat, mullet, or both.

Aug. 1, 2 until 8 pm at The Bell House: $8 at the door
Sorry, little muggles, this event is 21+. While there will be the requisite costumes of black robes and wands, there will also be drinks of the knock-you-off-your-broom variety (think Firewhiskey and Butterbeer). Beyond witches and wizards, expect to see magical creatures, squibs and muggles competing to win the costume contest (you may have a chance unless the lovely Fleur shows up). You can also see if you’re as smart as Hermione during trivia. Or take your turn in the sorting ceremony and try on the dusty hat. Overall, this is the perfect time to let out your inner Potterhead and practice your shoddy British accent with no shame. In keeping with Harry’s defeat of You-Know-Who through love and friendship, part of the PotterCon proceeds will go to the Harry Potter Alliance.

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