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Performance Picks: Drag Karaoke, Bread and Puppet Theater, and More


(image via BEEF Show / Facebook)

Yell Club
Thursday, December 14 at Rockbar NYC, 9 pm: FREE

People seem to like karaoke, and people seem to like drag shows. These two groups don’t necessarily seem to always overlap, but come Thursday night they will unite at Yell Club, where one person sings karaoke while a drag performer lip-synchs that very same song. So, those of you who feel uninterested or afraid of doing drag but like singing songs when weird MIDI tracks and projected lyrics are involved (shoutout to Sun Fly, the weird karaoke backing track brand bug mascot I have taken a liking to), this will be your night to shine while also giving other performers some material.

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This Photographer Ventures Into Strangers’ Bedrooms


Emma Anderson

The first people who responded to Emma Anderson’s classified ad seeking strangers to photograph — a couple in their late 40s who lived in public housing in New Zealand — told her they had been photographed before, and would she like to see the shots? Emma obliged, and was shocked to see the photos were of the two in explicit pornographic scenes. It didn’t help matters, she says, that “he looked exactly like the Penguin from Batman, like Danny DeVito.” But such is the nature of Emma’s work. “Good on them, man.”
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