(image via BEEF Show / Facebook)

Yell Club
Thursday, December 14 at Rockbar NYC, 9 pm: FREE

People seem to like karaoke, and people seem to like drag shows. These two groups don’t necessarily seem to always overlap, but come Thursday night they will unite at Yell Club, where one person sings karaoke while a drag performer lip-synchs that very same song. So, those of you who feel uninterested or afraid of doing drag but like singing songs when weird MIDI tracks and projected lyrics are involved (shoutout to Sun Fly, the weird karaoke backing track brand bug mascot I have taken a liking to), this will be your night to shine while also giving other performers some material.


(image via Bread and Puppet Theater / Facebook)

The Grasshopper Rebellion Circus
December 13-16 at Theater For The New City, 8 pm (Sundays at 3 pm): $13-18

Sometimes (well, more than sometimes) it can be hard for people to get out of their comfort zone and do some real protesting and rebelling. Maybe those people just need a new perspective to guide them along the way, like that of a puppet. Specifically, the puppets of the radical troupe Bread and Puppet Theater, who will be setting up shop in NYC this month. After staging a “paper maché puppet opera” by Brecht collaborator Hans Eisler, they’re now showing the world a puppet spectacle about how to rebel against “intolerable situations,” of which there are very many nowadays. And as per tradition, bread (and aioli) will be served at every show.


(image via Thirty Year Christmas Carol / Facebook)

A Christmas Carol Year Six
Saturday, December 15 at Caveat, 7 pm: $20

For the past five years, theater artists Andrew Farmer, Ryann Weir, and Andrew Neisler have been staging their imaginative version of A Christmas Carol, centered around a couple with a penchant for reading Dickens’s text aloud when the holidays rolls around, no matter what they may be going through that year. This Saturday will mark the trio’s sixth year, and if that sounds impressive, know that they plan on doing this for another 24 revolutions around the sun and will be releasing the past five iterations as a podcast.


(image via Vital Joint / Facebook)

Craigsurday Night List
Sunday, December 16 at Vital Joint, 9:30 pm: $5

Once a more bustling place to find all sorts of things, Craigslist is mostly used today for buying and selling questionable furniture and looking for jobs or apartments once you’ve exhausted your other, less anonymous options. But as it turns out, it can also be used to recruit writers you’ve never met before to pen sketches for a comedy show, and that’s precisely what Larry Sass-Ainsworth is doing for the second edition of Craigsurday Night List. (Please note the show is on a Sunday.) While the writers are Craigslist randos, the cast is more familiar, consisting of Brooklyn comedy regulars Justin Linville, Amanda Xeller, Chase Montavon, Jason Weitzman, and Stephanie Lescheck.