Market Hotel. (Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev for NY Mag)

You can now enjoy drinks at Market Hotel– and we’re not just talking about DRINKS, the avant-rock duo performing at the Bushwick venue on September 21.

Market Hotel announced on Twitter today that “for all future shows going forward, there will be a full bar available for 21+ with valid ID !!”

The license hopefully marks the end of a series of ordeals. The DIY venue was first shut down in 2010 after being busted for operating without a liquor license. After extensive upgrades that birthed a celebrity pillar, it reopened in 2016 only to be temporarily shut down once more, this time because it was caught with beer on-site immediately after it had been denied one of the one-off special event permits it had been using for shows. That raid forced Market Hotel to move shows to other venues and survive as a co-working space for a year, after which it reopened yet again in November of last year.

Presumably, those troubles are a thing of the past. State Liquor Authority records confirms that a full liquor license went into effect today, and a tweet from Market Hotel says it will be implemented “starting with this Friday night’s celebration with old friends the Hungry March Band + dj Dirtyfinger + friends.”