(Photo: Ryan Bevans for NY Mag)

There’s no shortage of gluten-free beers, thanks to specialty breweries like Omission, Green’s, and Glutenberg, as well as one-off brews like Anheuser-Busch’s Redbridge or New Belgium Brewing’s Glutiny. But even with Yelp at your disposal, tracking them down at local bars can be a challenge. “Searching for gluten-free restaurants is a good start,” says Zach Lountzis, a beer-lover with Celiac disease. “But it doesn’t help much with bars that offer gluten-free beer.” That’s why we’ve put together this list of watering holes with decent gluten-free options.

41 1st Avenue, East Village.
“No random person can name a gluten-free beer company off the top of their head,” says Jeff Cinco, a bartender at d.b.a and its social media manager. “I think they aren’t too popular because of marketing.” Still, those in the know can order up a can of Glutenberg ($10). A sign on the wall tells you what they don’t have: “No Bud Light, no Coors, no Miller High Life, no bullshit.”

899 Bergen St., Crown Heights
Berg’n manages to combine a bar, coffee shop, and food vendors in a large space that uses open seating to create a communal atmosphere. It’s an excellent place to get work done during the day or enjoy a game of Jenga while sipping a bottle of Omission’s IPA or lager ($7). A vast array of events, including viewing parties and table tennis tournaments, keep the mood up through the night.

The Blind Tiger
281 Bleecker St., Greenwich Village
This is a small corner establishment that offers over 20 beers on draft and several bottled gluten-free options, including bottles of Stone Delicious IPA ($7) and Green’s Dubel, Tripel, and Amber ($10). Come early and come thirsty; this spot can be packed as early as 8 p.m..

Uncle Barry’s
58 5th Avenue, Park Slope
It’s almost too easy to miss this bar among its neighboring establishments. Its dimly lit interior and single dartboard make for a more casual atmosphere and is suited for those seeking a more relaxed drinking experience. A can of Glutenberg goes for $10.

The Levee
212 Berry St., Williamsburg
“I would say about three out of a hundred customers ask for a gluten-free beer,” says bartender Christian Gordy. “It’s not at all advertised, but I have a feeling you will be seeing more advancements with it in the future.” In the meantime, this Southern-style bar offers bottles of Redbridge ($5) and Glutiny ($6) along with beer-and-shot specials, Frito pies, and other bar games.