The Boston location of YO!. (Photos courtesy of YO! Sushi.)

Between London’s Wagamama, which opened on 26th Street in November, and L.A.’s Sugarfish, which opened on 20th Street around the same time, the Flatiron has seen an influx of cult sushi imports. You can add another one to the list: Another UK brand, YO!, is set to bring its conveyor-belt sushi to the suddenly happening hood next month.

While conveyer-belt sushi, or kaiten-zushi, has been fairly commonplace in Japan ever since an enterprising restaurateur launched it there in the late ’50s, not all that many places have tried it in New York. Those that have– like Sakae Sushi on West 3rd Street– have mostly closed. YO!– which already has locations in Boston, Paramus, and Florida– is hoping to distinguish itself with an expansive menu of 80 items, made in a central open kitchen so you basically feel like you’re dining in the middle of a sushi factory. As in Japan, dishes are priced according to their color code, so you can decide whether you want to blow $7 on that seared tuna and caviar sashimi or wait until a $3 plate of avocado maki glides by.

Sushi and sashimi aren’t the only thing that’ll be on chef Mike Lewis’s menu, which will include items specific to the New York location. Here, from the press release, are some sample offerings:

● Aburi Sushi – A selection of premium flame seared sushi (salmon, shrimp, tuna, scallop and more) created using a blowtorch to bring out the best textures and toasted flavors
● Katsu Sando – A breaded chicken thigh in a crispy panko coating, covered in a fruity sauce and a hint of mustard and served on crustless white bread
● Kakigori – An iconic shaved ice dessert, topped with fresh fruit, syrups and Japanese toppings
● Yuzu Tsukune Ramen – Chicken tsukune meatballs, soft boiled egg, wakame, shisito peppers, in a delicious citrus yuzu broth
● Wings – Deep-fried chicken wings available Asian, Japanese and Korean style
● Nori Taco – Tempura Nori Taco with either spicy tuna, yuzu salmon or avocado

You can also summon cocktails like a yuzu margarita and a matcha gimlet. No, they aren’t delivered via a pneumatic tube.

YO! Sushi, 23 W. 23rd St., Flatiron.