A Dole Whip at Lappert’s Ice Cream.

There are certain types of soft-serve ice cream that rarely exist outside of their natural habitats: Just try finding gold-leaf soft-serve outside of Kanazawa, Japan, for instance. One of those soft-serve rarities is Dole Whip, a mid-’80s invention of the Dole Food Company that first appeared at Disneyland, where devotees continue to queue up for it at Adventureland’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Seriously, here’s a typical line there.

Here’s a little-known fact: Dole Whips are also available right here in New York, at Canal Street poke bowl spot Chikarashi— and people have been freaking out about it.

Dole Whip, in case you don’t own a “Now Watch Me Whip” or “Whip It Good” t-shirt, is a vegan-friendly soft-serve best known for its electric-yellow pineapple incarnation. I’m not sure what the exact ingredients are, but Dole’s DIY recipe lists pineapple, banana, sugar, and coconut milk. I myself had never tried it until I had a gloriously refreshing taste at Lappert’s Ice Cream in Palm Springs, a scoop shop also known for its date milkshakes. Part of the reason it’s so rarely found outside of places like Disney World’s Polynesian Resort and Dodgers Stadium is that anyone serving it has to do so out of a Dole’s specialty soft-serve machines.

Earlier this month, Grub Street named Chikarashi’s chili salmon bowl the “absolute best poke bowl in New York,” but failed to mention that the best way to take the edge off its spiciness is with a Dole Whip. Still, Yelpers have definitely taken notice, and the Dole Whips have been popping up on Instagram.

Keep this virgin tiki classic in mind when summer approaches– you’ll thank us for it.

Pineapple Dole Whip Float to cool off!!

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My dole whip float just casually leaning to the side ☀️

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Orange Dole Whip today at @chikarashinyc ☂ #chikarashi #chauchows #chauchowschikarashi #chauchows

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A little bit of a Hawaiian retreat with some dole whip and solid tuna poké bowls

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