Rogo-final v2The last couple of times we saw actor and filmmaker Alex Karpovsky out and about (at the premieres for Onur Tukel’s Summer of Blood and Michael Tully’s Ping-Pong Summer) we decided against approaching him (one of those times, a couple of Girls fans had already annoyed him enough by asking him to pose for a selfie). So we’re glad that Scott Rogowsky, last seen ambushing apartment hunters with the help of Gilbert Gottfried and Andrew WK, plans to engage in the sort of witty banter we surely would have had with the guy who plays Ray.

Rogowsky sends word that his fellow -sky, Karpovsky, will be one of the guests on this Wednesday’s installment of his live talk show, Running Late, at Littlefield. Also on the bill: Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper, comedian Dan St. Germain, author Mike Sacks, and DFA Records co-founder Jonathan Galkin, who will host the after-party.

And there’s this: “I’ll be unfriending someone from my Facebook profile LIVE, ON STAGE – with that person sitting there next to me,” promises Rogowsky. “This has never before been done on the history of Planet Earth. I can almost guarantee that.”

Social-media schadenfreude and the master of mumblecore who directed Red State? We’ll happily pay $6 for that.