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This Man Helped the ‘Homeless (Hipsters)’ of McCarren Park

Hot on the heels of The Onion’s “hipster molting season” video, Scott Rogowsky has gone and kicked Williamsburg’s scruffier denizens while they’re down. In the video above, the host of Running Late dresses in his preppiest attire (at least, we hope that’s his preppiest attire) and reaches out to McCarren Park’s “homeless (hipsters),” as he puts it to us in an email. Here’s hoping he eventually gave that fruit to the actual homeless folks in the park.

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Spend the Night With Ray From Girls

Rogo-final v2The last couple of times we saw actor and filmmaker Alex Karpovsky out and about (at the premieres for Onur Tukel’s Summer of Blood and Michael Tully’s Ping-Pong Summer) we decided against approaching him (one of those times, a couple of Girls fans had already annoyed him enough by asking him to pose for a selfie). So we’re glad that Scott Rogowsky, last seen ambushing apartment hunters with the help of Gilbert Gottfried and Andrew WK, plans to engage in the sort of witty banter we surely would have had with the guy who plays Ray.
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