(Photos: Virginia McLure) Glasses of the Clifford

(Photos: Virginia McLure) Glasses of the Clifford Pilsner at Dirck the Norseman.

So, perhaps you’ve made it to Dirck the Norseman in Greenpoint by now, tasted their pig knuckle, sipped their German beer, admired the murals and thought, This is the life.

It gets better. Yesterday, the people behind Dirck the Norseman, celebrated the coming out into the world (and the bar) of their eight proprietary craft beers, all brewed in-house and the brain-children of Norseman owner Ed Raven and Chris Prout, head brewer.

A description of their brewing philosophy, straight from the Norse’s mouth:

Dirck menu

“We make beer that we like to drink. Our aim is to make beer with respect and honor for the great brewing traditions of England, Belgium, and Germany, while embracing the creative spirit for which the U.S. craft beer movement is known and loved. Brewing on a 5-barrel system gives us the flexibility to experiment freely, developing our own ideas about beer.”

A keg of Fisticuffs

A keg of Fisticuffs

Their ideas about beer include the Wallabout Whit, the Helles Gate, the Clifford Pilsner, the Fisticuffs (also available Dry-Hopped with Amarillo), the Ol’ Ironside, the Ash St. IPA, and the Tupelo IPA. These new beauties are brewed under the spanking-new imprint Greenpoint Beer & Ale Company, and they may be the most excellent reason to drink eight beers in a row since St. Patrick’s Day.

So, see you there Monday?

7 N. 15th St. nr. Franklin St. in Williamsburg, (718) 389-2940