Photo by Josh Cogan, courtesy of sweetgreen

Josh Cogan/Courtesy of sweetgreen

This summer 162 N. 4th Street will be home sweet home to sweetgreen, the Washington, D.C.-based chain of salad spots. The new location, on the corner of Bedford Avenue, will benefit from the foot traffic Whole Foods Willamsburg generates when it eventually opens across the street, and will share a building with forthcoming locations of Umami Burger and Parm.

Sweetgrain capitalizes on several in vogue food crazes — kale, organic juices, fro-yo, farm-to-table cuisine. New York’s Underground Gourmet is a fan of the “refreshingly shrimpy shrimp” and other locally sourced ingredients at the chain’s NoMad Hotel outpost, which opened last summer. As are Yelp users who’ve shown their love by writing acrostic poems, defending $11 salad price tags, and trash-talking the competition. Writes Stephanie Y.: “Move over Chop’t, you just got bitch smacked.”

Custom orders are encouraged (you can specify if you want them to go “light, medium, or heavy” on the dressing), but decidophobics can narrow their choices to eight speciality salads that conjure a range of global flavors: Far Eastern, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, American and more.

Before coming to Williamsburg, a second Manhattan sweetgreen will set up shop this spring in Tribeca, at 413 Greenwich Street.