Bathroom graffiti at Odessa Bar. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Bathroom graffiti at Odessa Bar. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Next month, Community Board 3 may find itself weighing the fates of two iconic spaces on Avenue A. Odessa Bar and Cafe closed in September, and, a block away, 7A closed this past weekend. Both addresses have surfaced on CB3’s February agenda, released today.

An applicant going by the name of Avenue A Project LLC is scheduled to plead its case for a full liquor license at 117 Ave A, where the Odessa Bar space has sat vacant, and an entity going by New 7A Cafe LLC is going for full liquor at 109 Ave A. Will the latter actually reopen the place as 7A? We’ll find out!

In the meantime, here’s what else’ll be on tap at the Feb. 10 liquor license committee meeting. Wine at the Tenement Museum, anyone?

Renewal with Complaint
1.    Red Velvet (Red Velvet LLC), 174 Rivington St (op)
2.    Leftfield (CTD Ludlow Inc), 87 Ludlow St (op)
3.    Mama Bar LLC, 34 Ave B (op)
Applications within Saturated Areas
4.    ABC Beer Co (Alphabet City Beer Co LLC), 96 Ave C (wb/extend license to backyard)
5.    Avenue A Project LLC, 117 Ave A (op) (Odessa)
6.    Klong (Auanthai Inc), 7 St Marks Pl (op)
Sidewalk Cafe Application
7.    Mama Bar LLC, 32 Ave B
8.    Brazen Fox Kitchen & Craft Beer (106 3rd Ave NYC Inc), 106 3rd Ave (aka 145 E 13th St) (op/2nd Fl outdoor deck in back)
New Liquor License Applications
9.    To be Determined, 188 Suffolk St (op)
10.    To be Determined, 600 E 14th St (op) (Alphabet Cafe)
11.    Old Man Hustle LLC, 39 Essex St (op) (Sweet Grapes Wine Bar)
12.    Eric Thant Corporation, 57 1st Ave (wb) (Pudgie’s)
13.    To be Determined, 325 Bowery (op) (Peels)
14.    To be Determined, 103 Essex St (op) (Le Lupanar)
15.    279 E Houston Corp, 279 E Houston St (wb) (Lobster Joint)
16.    AGN Restaurant Group LLC, 120 Orchard St (op) (Gallery Bar)

Corporate Change (not heard at committee)

17.    Euzkadi Restaurant (PYB Inc), 108 E 4th St (wb)
18.    New 7A Cafe LLC, 109 Ave A (op)
Special Event Wine License (not heard at committee)
19.    Tenement Museum (Lower East Side Tenement Museum), 103 Orchard St (wb)