(Photo: Jenna Marotta)

(Photo: Jenna Marotta)

One of the East Village’s quirkier concepts — a subterranean skincare center with a ground-level secondhand shop — is getting zapped like so much unsightly mustache hair.

A year after Azure started selling used furniture and clothing to generate extra revenue, both businesses are vacating their shared address at 345 East 9th Street.

“With the age of deals — Groupon, Lifebooker — it’s too much for us,” said Emma, an Azure esthetician who also rings up purchases upstairs at Foumina. Azure did participate in Groupon and Lifebooker deals, but Emma said the company lost money by charging such low rates for services like electrolysis, microdermabrasion and tanning, which require expensive equipment.

She said that her bosses decided to close the dual venture when the rent was recently increased, and that a real estate office will move into the space, which Azure/Foumina must vacate by February 9. Until then, beauty products and housewares are 50 percent off.

“It’s just outrageous, the rents. And no one wants to spend any money,” said Emma, citing the influx of students residing in the neighborhood.

Azure was originally a spa in New Jersey before relocating to Manhattan four years ago, she said.