Mark Ruffalo is donating some Hulk memorabilia.

Mark Ruffalo is donating some Hulk memorabilia.

That star-studded auction aimed at snuffing out NYU’s forthcoming Greenwich Village towers went online today, and there are some big ticket items in addition to the previously mentioned shopping trip with Padma Lakshmi, acting lessons from Philip Seymour Hoffman, and lunch with Lewis Lapham. Maybe the most exciting addition: dinner with Richard Hell at John’s of 12th Street, down the block from Hell’s apartment.

“A longtime East Village resident, Hell has joined forces with all of us who want to save the Village from being crushed by the Sexton expansion plan,” goes the selling copy. The experience is valued at $500, which, weirdly, is $2,000 less than what lunch with Bill Moyers is said to be worth, and $1,500 less than what dinner with Cynthia Nixon and her wife is going for. Plus, Hell, whose papers are kept by NYU, will pick up the tab and “school you” on punk rock, if need be. (Or just discuss the fate of John’s now that it’s being taken over by a Beatrice Inn partner.)

So far, just a dozen of the 149 items have drawn bids, with VIP tickets to Colbert being the only item that has garnered more than one. The high ticket item is a $5,000 “Shit” painting by Sally Ross.

The auction has created some odd bedfellows. One of the items on offer is a 5-course meal at Le Souk. Because NYU-hating East Villagers just love Le Souk.

Anyway, see what else is up for grabs here.