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10 Hours of Walking in NYC: The ‘Are You Jewish?’ Version

Last week’s video of a woman walking the streets of NYC for 10 hours proved what Lena Dunham already knew: everyone in NYC is subject to catcalls. And it immediately became fodder for parodies. Here’s the latest, filmed in part on the Lower East Side — it was sent over by Scott Rogowsky, who just celebrated three years of his live talk show Running Late

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This Man Helped the ‘Homeless (Hipsters)’ of McCarren Park

Hot on the heels of The Onion’s “hipster molting season” video, Scott Rogowsky has gone and kicked Williamsburg’s scruffier denizens while they’re down. In the video above, the host of Running Late dresses in his preppiest attire (at least, we hope that’s his preppiest attire) and reaches out to McCarren Park’s “homeless (hipsters),” as he puts it to us in an email. Here’s hoping he eventually gave that fruit to the actual homeless folks in the park.