“Imagine walking into an apartment and you think you’re going to an open house,” says Scott Rogowsky. “Who would be the most mindfuckable people you could see?”

That’s the premise of the stunt he pulled for the videos above and below: the comic and tv personality invited some prospective tenants over for an open house and surprised them by sticking them on a couch with Andrew W.K. and Gilbert Gottfried – in front of an audience of a dozen strangers, with cameras rolling.

Rogowsky was leaving his $915-a-month Park Slope apartment for the Upper East Side, so he solicited replacement tenants on Craigslist and scheduled appointments with them back-to-back over the course of four hours of filming.

He didn’t tell them they were going to be guests on a gonzo talk show. “To prepare them for being mic’d up once they arrived, I said there would be a documentary crew at the apartment filming a feature on housing in NYC,” he said. “I lied.”

(Photo courtesy of Running Late Show)

(Photo courtesy of Running Late Show)

So how did Rogowsky get YouTube sensations The Gregory Brothers to be his house band? They, along with Andrew WK and Gottfried, had previously appeared on his Running Late Show, a live talk show he’s been hosting for about two and a half years at Brooklyn venues Galapagos and Littlefield (Rogowsky also does ABC hidden-camera show Would You Fall For That? with SNL’s Sasheer Zamata).

Watch the videos and it’s clear some of the unwitting guests recognize their celeb couchmates right away. Others, not so much. Eli from Illinois, who describes herself as a low-level production associate at the World Science Festival, has no idea she’s sitting next to one of the world’s great dirty comics, which makes her reaction all the more priceless when Gottfried tells her, “So you’re not a transvestite? Oh, then I won’t be asking for your number.”

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And no, none of these people got the room.