The Museum of Pizza promises to have a “pizza beach” and “pizza cave” when it opens in the fall. In the meantime, how about a pizza rooftop?

The organizers of the much-ballyhooed immersive environment are taking over the rooftop of Hotel Chantelle, at 92 Ludlow Street, this Friday, July 27, and will be serving up freebies from the neighboring Williamsburg Pizza from 2pm to 5pm. Sure, there are plenty of places in town where you can score a slice for a mere 99 cents, but can you cram it down your throat al fresco, with a drink in your other hand?

The Museum of Pizza, in case you haven’t heard, is bringing an immersive experience to 718 Broadway, in Noho, from Oct. 13 to 28. According to MoPi’s website, the $35 entrance free (about the price of a very fancy pizza pie) will get you access to a “pizza fun house,” a “pizza zen” ASMR experience, an art gallery, a pizza history lesson, plenty of actual ‘za, and the envy/disdain of all your Instagram followers. Basically, it looks like this will do for pizza what the Lower East Side’s pop-up Egg House did for eggs.

If this all seems a little ridiculous to you, wait’ll you see the trailer.