(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

As temperatures climb into the 90s today, there’s going to be just a little less shade on St. Marks Place.

The East Village’s busiest block was briefly closed to traffic this morning after a tree limb fell onto St. Marks, between Second and Third Avenues. Around 11:30am, a clean-up job was under way and firefighters were going at the fallen limb with axes and chainsaws as pedestrians snapped photos.

The limb fell from a tree outside of the Ben and Jerry’s and completely blocked the roadway. According to the Parks Department’s helpful street tree map, the tree is a Callery pear, a species known to have weak limbs that break off with wind, snow, or ice. Over 58,500 of them have been mapped in New York City.

The FDNY says it has no injuries to report, meaning St. Marks denizens can go back to, er, smoking trees.