Ube Kitchen’s halo-halo. (Photos courtesy of Smorgasburg.)

Earlier this month we mentioned that Smorgasburg was set to return outdoors this very weekend, April 1 and 2, with Brooklyn Flea’s Saturday market leaving its longtime home in Fort Greene and taking up residence next to Saturday Smorg in Williamsburg’s East River Park. Team Smorg now tells us there’s another change afoot this season: Their vendors won’t be returning to the South Street Seaport this year, since they’ve been unceremoniously replaced by a permanent resident. Bummer for those who like to pick up a lobster roll on the way to the Rockaway ferry.

The good news is this: There are a host of new vendors coming to Saturday Smorg in Williamsburg and Sunday Smorg in Prospect Park. Highlights include spaghetti donuts, prison food (like, actual prison food) from Eddie Huang and Prodigy from Mobb Deep, Sichuan burgers from the team behind Bushwick bar The Johnsons, classic burgers from Burger Supreme (following its pop-ups at Mission Chinese and The Lot), Cambodian and Haitian grub, Filipino halo-halo that looks amaaaazing, and churro ice cream sandwiches (the churro renaissance continues!).

Dulcinea Churros’ ice-cream sandwich.

Here are the vendor names and descriptions straight from the food gods.

All City Deli (Saturdays + Sundays) – Native New Yorker and a veteran of Estela, Mission Chinese, and Roberta’s, Andrew Keith is set on creating the perfect New York deli offerings—“The Perfect Bacon Egg and Cheese,” Japanese egg salad with potato chips on milk bread—elevated with seasonal ingredients and fun twists.

Baked Cheese Haus (Saturdays + Sundays) – Wisconsin artisanal cheesemakers serving melty, gooey Raclette sandwiches. The cheese is melted on a wheel and scraped across toasted baguette. Cheese up your Instagram feed.

Belmere Catering (Sundays) – Haitian dishes including “Haitian Freedom Soup,” made with pumpkin and veggies, plus, deep fried pork belly, and mushroom rice.

Burrito Juarez (Saturdays + Sundays) – Four friends from Ciudad Juarez have perfected their hometown burrito with handrolled fresh tortillas, delicious stew fillings, and no rice.

Buff Patty (Sundays) – Longtime Fort Greene (Myrtle Ave.) patty shop joins the market with their namesake. Everything is made from from scratch, from dough to fillings.

Burger Supreme (Saturdays) – Fresh off a successful pop-up at Mission Chinese, Burger Supreme’s griddled beef burger is topped with a slice of American cheese, onion, pickle, mustard, and special sauce, then wrapped in gold foil. No, you can’t have it any other way.

Commissary Kitchen (Saturdays + Sundays) – Coming off of a three-year prison sentence, Albert Johnson (aka Prodigy from Mobb Deep) published a cookbook last year, Commissary Kitchen, with rules and recipes for prison cooking. He’s partnered with Eddie Huang’s Baohaus culinary team to serve dishes such as BBQ Chili Pie (served inside a Doritos bag, a la Frito Pie) at Smorgasburg.

Destination Dumplings (Saturdays + Sundays) – Two kids from Queens who make Chinese-style dumplings with inventive fillings, such as the jerk chicken dumpling with pineapple salsa, a lamb gyro dumpling with yuzu tzatziki and others.  

Dulcinea Churros (Saturdays + Sundays) – Watch your churro get extruded, filled, and fried right in front of your face. Look out for churro ice cream sandwiches during the summer.

John’s Juice (Saturdays + Sundays) – Fresh juices made INSIDE the fruit skin/peel. Choose from orange, grapefruit, watermelon, or pineapple, and watch as it’s cored and blended to drink to order. Then turn heads with your cool OJ-filled orange.

Kreung (Saturdays) – Cambodian street food, such as a Southeast Asian take on elotes, lemongrass meat skewers with pickles, funky seasonal salads, and more. Proceeds support Kreung’s hometown rice farm.

Loata (Sundays) – Pecan sticky buns baked in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The dough is infused with orange, filled with minced nuts, and topped with toasted pecans and butterscotch.

Ministry of Kaapi (Saturdays + Sundays) – Traditionally brewed South Indian cold coffee. Take home a (gorgeous) bottle/decanter of decoction, their extra concentrated Indian coffee.

Mission Ceviche (Saturdays + Sundays) – Peruvian ceviche made with your choice of fresh seafood cured with leche de tigre served alongside corn, sweet potatoes, and more. Refreshing and light in the summer heat!

Monsieur Tartare (Sundays) – Paris natives and recent transplants prepare a bistro staple with locally sourced beef for extreme freshness, served on sliced baguette.

Okonomi (Saturdays + Sundays) – Japanese savory pancakes topped with pork–a former vendor from Smorgasburg Queens.

Pop Pasta (Saturdays) – Spaghetti donuts! Building on the Italian leftover spaghetti pie, Pop Pasta has taken it a step further to create a donut-shaped pasta dish that is both delicious and easy to eat on the go. Choose from flavors like red sauce, aglio and olio, and carbonara.

Roll Play Viet Noms (Saturdays + Sundays) – Fresh Vietnamese summer rolls with a crispy twist inside. Also try the Viet Namchos on shrimp chips!
Rutte’s Dutch Waffles (Saturdays + Sundays) – The famous Dutch stroopwafel freshly made on the spot so it’s soft and extra gooey.

Strange Flavor Burger Shack (Saturdays) – American classics with Sichuan ingredients, by the duo behind The Johnsons bar pop-up in Bushwick. Their menu includes the Dusty Dog, a corn battered hotdog with Sichuan toppings, a hot Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich with pickles, ranch and slaw, two burgers, and more.

Supasit Thai Kitchen (Sundays) – Two types of Thai sausage, curry puffs, and other northern Thai specialties.
The Westbury Inn (Sundays) – Caribbean staples, including bake and shark, from their restaurant in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.  

Ube Kitchen (Saturdays + Sundays) – Filipino desserts and snacks, including a technicolor halo-halo with made from scratch ube ice cream, fresh fruit, toasted coconut flakes, and diced dragon fruit, served in a dragon fruit bowl. Vegan options. Healthy-ish!

Yucataco (Saturdays) – Heavily researched and perfected cochinita pibil tacos, a classic slow roasted pork dish from the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, served on handmade tortillas. Also look for a cochinita-style veggie option and fresh iced horchata.