Mysterious live-installation by the Alamo (Photo: Anaka Kaundinya)

Ugh, the Tribeca Film Festival is up to something cool at Astor Place — but they won’t tell what! Sneaky fellows. What we do is know is that there are folks (volunteers? actors? unsuspecting people on their way to work taken hostage by the crew? sad!) wearing mirrored cubes on their heads and just… standing around near the Cube cube. They’re also being filmed, so our best guess is that it’s an empathy-generating live-installation for some sort of performance art film.

Maybe if you head down there they’ll let you wear a cube on your head? Hm. Don’t worry, not judging your odd desires.

Elsewhere along Cooper Square, John Hejduk’s memorial to Czech dissident Jan Palach has now been installed outside of Cooper Union. Have a look at the giant spikes (atop still more cubes!) in our slideshow.