Hillary Clinton has finally come “out of the woods”– or so she said while wearing what looked like Mac’s duster from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Now her daughter Chelsea is also stepping back into the spotlight, with the paperback release of her book, It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going. She’ll be appearing at Housing Works on Tuesday, April 4. If you go, can you ask her if she’s running for office, or what?

In February, the Daily News aired speculation that Chelsea might go after Kirsten Gillibrand’s seat should the senator run for president in 2020. Earlier this month, The Hill opined that Clinton was only fueling that speculation with politically charged tweets, but today Chelsea makes it clear in an interview with Variety: “I am not running for public office,” she says. Like any good politician, she leaves herself some wiggle room: “If someone steps down or something changes, I’ll then ask and answer those questions at that time. But right now, no, I’m not running for public office.” Note that she says “if something changes”– by 2020, women will be required to shovel 500 pounds of coal into the mouth of a sea otter before they can get an abortion, so it’s a safe bet something will have changed.

Speaking of Trump: This week, he’s been trying to deflect attention from investigations into his administration’s Russia ties by raising questions about those of the Clinton Foundation, which Chelsea vice-chairs. And then there are those rumors about Hillary weighing a mayoral run! And is Huma getting back together with Anthony?! Needless to say, there’ll be plenty to goss about when Chelsea shows up at Housing Works for this conversation and book signing. Just don’t expect the line to be as long as her mom’s.

And if you miss this one, Chelsea has another book, She Persisted, coming out in May.