(flyer via The Annoyance)

Holy Fuck Comedy Hour
Wednesday, March 29 at The Annoyance Theater, 10:30 pm: FREE

As we’ve told you previously and with heavy hearts, strange n’ mighty little basement comedy theater The Annoyance is closing at the end of the month. More specifically, it’s the theater’s last night of shows tonight. What better way to send it off than by attending one of the shows The Annoyance is most lauded for, the late-night extravaganza that is the Holy Fuck Comedy Hour. The show assembles a strong assortment of comedians from different pockets of the NYC scene and asks them to write characters, scenes, songs, and more in only one week and then perform their creations with no rehearsal. And if you’re looking for even more chuckles, there will be three different improv shows happening earlier in the evening.

Rather than spending you night solemnly reflecting on the fact that more and more cultural spaces are vanishing in the city, you might as well spend it laughing up a storm. But hopefully not an actual storm, the rain last night was annoying and I am enjoying this sun.


(flyer via Melissa Gordon / Facebook)

Hopes and Dreams
Thursday, March 30 at The Unicorn, 7:30 pm: FREE

We all have hopes and dreams. Some decide to keep them secret, some pursue them with all their might, and others might even sing about them. There’s no telling quite what will happen in this musical variety show hosted by Melissa Gordon, but what I do know is that these performers have some kind of song in their soul and they are going to let that songbird flutter up through their throat, hopefully not scratching their vocal cords with its songbird talons, and fly out into the world, magnificent and with melodic wings beating.

The lineup consists of a fix of comedians, musicians, and people who fall a little bit in between, with dulcet tones by Tim Platt, Chelsey Coy, Colin O’Brien, Chris Norwood, Marshall York, and All Types of Kinds.


(photo: Maria Baranova)

Give It To You Stage
March 29-April 1 at New York Live Arts, 7:30 pm: $15-20

We recently sat down with experimental hip-hop dance duo Yackez for a chat about their latest and biggest production, Give It To You Stage. The show includes explorations of anxieties that come with being a childless artist couple in the big city, a big green squishy mascot who might also be an alien, queer performance artists, and a hearty group of elder aerobics students. Oh, and pro wrestling. So really, there’s something for everyone. It premieres this week, with a run that goes through Saturday night.


(image via BREAD Arts Collective)

BREAD presents: Pumpernips
Saturday, April 1 at Cloud City, 7:30 pm: $5-10 sliding scale

What is a “pumpernip”? It’s a word that autocorrect really thinks is “pampering,” this I know quite well now. It might be small bits of pumpernickel bread, it might be a product that inflates your nipples, or it might be a show of shorter performance pieces that “celebrate the joy of fools” by the Bread Arts Collective. You’re welcome to interpret as you wish, but if you show up to Williamsburg space Cloud City this Saturday it’s probably most likely that you’re going to get the last suggestion on the list. But then again, you never know.


(flyer vis Sundays With Ana / Facebook)

These Are the Chairs I Was Telling You About
Sunday, April 2 at Starr Bar, 8 pm: FREE

If you were wondering when you’d ever see the chairs Ana Fabrega was telling you about, this very well might be your chance. The latest edition of her Sundays With Ana comedy series is all about those chairs. You know, those chairs. The chairs I was telling you about? Yeah, those chairs. You know the ones. People who might be appearing alongside the chairs include Aparna Nancherla, Joe Pera, Marcia Belsky, Joel Kim Booster, Erin Markey, Bardia Salimi, and Wes Haney. So even if you’re feeling lukewarm about chairs, this show is certainly worth a visit.