Remember when Abbi finally decided to ditch Bevers and tasked Pam, the broker-from-hell played by Amy Sedaris, with finding her a new apartment? Lines like “Where isn’t the bathroom?” didn’t do Pam any good– this time around, Broad City is looking for an apartment and they’re doing it the same way Dan Perino looks for a girlfriend, by posting flyers around the East Village. A notice that went up today on Avenue A (not far from where the St. Marks episode was shot) indicates that production company Jax Media is looking for an apartment that will pass for a dorm room. The ideal pad will be on the first or second floor (or accessible via elevator) and have an open floor plan and at least two bedrooms. Filming will occur between April 3 and 14, the notice says.

The new season premieres in August. Shooting is already underway, if the mixed reactions of these New Yorkers are any indicator: