To condom or not to condom? That’s the question in the pilot episode of brand new web series, Ovulady. In it, comedian, writer, actor and creator Abby Feldman’s namesake character and her new lover engage in a bizarre sexual battle over whether to use protection. Fingers are sucked and bellies are blown on while Abby tries to impregnate herself. Feldman, best known for her work in Netflix comedy Gringolandia, talks to B+B about the series and her process.

BB_Q(1) Let’s start from the beginning. Who and what inspired this series?

BB_A(1) If I’m being completely honest, I think it’s inspired by myself and my life. And a time when I was starting to feel that baby fever, but [was] not ready to become a mother myself. So creating a character who does [try] is my way of living vicariously through her. She’s also sort of inspired from a character of mine from a series called Gringolandia, who is also a character based on an extreme part of myself. She’s very spiritual, and also very… horny (laughs).

BB_Q(1) So the entire plot of the show is that Abby’s trying to find a guy to have sex with. And procreate. Why doesn’t she find a sperm bank? And what happens if she finds a sperm bank?

BB_A(1) Yes! That’s a very good question. So her beliefs are that it has to be this old-fashioned way. One reason is she thinks that kids who are born from sperm donors are boring– because they’re lacking that energy of like, the sexual energy interchange. And also she’s seeking guys for specific reasons in the flesh, because she wants to. The first episode has this tall handsome Latin hunk and she’s like, that’s gonna be really great genes to procreate with.

BB_Q(1) Could you share some of her backstory with us?

BB_A(1) The first season of Ovulady takes place with her realizing she’s 29 years and 2 months old. And if she wants to get pregnant and have a baby before she turns 30, she only has one month to get pregnant. This is something she’d always planned when she was a kid. And she actually spent some time in a convent and was going to become a nun but realized she wanted to become a mother. She left the convent and then just pushed through a normal life for a little while. Now she realizes that she has only one month left if being a mother is something she wants to do.

BB_Q(1) Do you want to give us a hint of what’s gonna happen next?

BB_A(1) Each episode there’s going to be an attempt to have a successful intercourse and there’s always going to be a reason why it doesn’t work out. And each episode is going to be a different guy in a different situation with the same goal of getting pregnant. And every way is gonna be more interesting and hilarious than the one prior. [Laughs]

BB_Q(1) How long has it taken you from conception– pun unintended– to actually coming out with the show?

BB_A(1) It’s an idea I had about two years ago. But we were still filming Gringolandia, and I was about to start work on a different show. I was a writer and correspondent on a political comedy show called Redacted Tonight in DC. My partner who helped me produced Ovulady was in the middle of doing Gringolandia as well. So something I’ve been thinking about for a while and the timing was just right now ., [And] I just moved back to New York from South America. It was all about timing and those baby-crazy feelings about me intensified so it felt like a good time to do it. Also, I’m gonna be 30 soon too so there’s some parallels to my own life.

BB_Q(1) Can you talk about your creative process?

BB_A(1) I have a lot of ideas all the time. I’m very inspired and creative and it comes in spurts. Sometimes I’m just, like, vomiting ideas. I’m in one of those phases right now where I’m writing a lot of different scripts and treatments for different series, and projects that I want to create. [The phases will] last for however long– maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months – and then I go into a mode of ok, now I need to take action to get this stuff created., Sso it’s about making contacts and pitching, talking to the people I need to assemble a team. It’s kind of like a back and forth between being creative and then being my own boss, and keeping myself accountable, and making stuff happen.

BB_Q(1) That sounds like a very stressful life. Is it?

BB_A(1) It wouldn’t be stressful at all except for the fact that you need to find money all the time [laughs]. I think it’s incredibly liberating to only do the work that I want to do and control how much or how little I want to do, and do the projects I believe in and work with the people that I want to work with so that has taken out a lot of stress that I’ve experienced, working for other people, but the one stress with freelancing is… finding the money.

BB_Q(1) But also in terms of organizing all of these various projects that you’re handling at the same time– do you ever just lose sight of something, or forget about it or…

BB_A(1) I’ve always been able to pull stuff out of my ass [laughs]. I wouldn’t say I’m the most organized person, but when it comes to stuff I’m passionate about and care about and find a way to get it done… It’s probably all at the last minute and it’s probably all chaotic but it makes sense to me.

BB_Q(1) So what would you like an audience to take away from Ovulandia? Uh, Ovulady. I just said Ovulandia..

BB_A(1) Yeah! I love that! Ovulandia… I hope that audiences take away this view of feminism that we don’t always get to see– this woman who knows what she wants, is going after what she wants, and what she wants may not be what people consider feminist and I think that’s what makes it unique and fresh. She wants to be a mom, and she’s sure of it. And she’s kind of turning on its head the idea of men always being after sex and nothing else. She’s just after sex from these men. She’s not after a relationship, she’s not after you know, money or companionship or anything like that. She just needs them for this very basic reason and I think we get to see her very vulnerable, desperate side when she’s talking to her unborn child. [She’s] showing that true part of some women that we don’t often get to see– just really wanting to be a mom and wanting to do whatever’s necessary to do it. That being said, this is all the first season. I think things are going to change in later seasons.