(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Until now, Sigiri has been the go-to for Sri Lankan food in the East Village – and pretty much the whole city as far as those who don’t want to venture out to Staten Island are concerned. But starting next month, it’ll get some competition just around the corner.

Banana Leaf is moving to Curry Row, into the space at 326 East Sixth Street currently occupied by Spice Cove, which has the same owner.

According to Ashan Perara, son of the owner, Banana Leaf’s current building on West 28th Street is being sold by its landlord. Starting December 21, Spice Cove will be known as Banana Leaf, and will serve Sri Lankan and Indian specialities from both restaurants.

Banana Leaf was named the city’s Best Sri Lankan by the Voice in 2011; you can read Robert Sietsema’s full review here.

This is just the latest switch-up on Curry Row. In recent memory, Calcutta, Raj Mahal, Mitali East, Banjara, Sonar Gaow, Gandhi, and Brick Lane Curry House have all left the block between First and Second Avenues.