Michael Alig’s Lower East Side art show has been replaced by a gelato pop-up, but rest assured the King of the Club Kids is still making the scene. He’s returning to nightlife (if a talk show can be considered nightlife) and moving his web series, “The Pee-ew,” to Lovegun, a gay bar in East Williamsburg. No, there won’t be any ecstasy punch going around, but, starting Aug. 22 and continuing weekly, there will be an open bar at 7:30 p.m., right before the 8 p.m. taping of five episodes of their show.

If you’re not familiar with “The Pee-ew,” it’s a daily freeform talk show in which Alig and fellow club kid Ernie Glam shoot the shit (and talk shit) about whatever, from their glory days to Alig’s prison stint to his latest CNN appearance. Sometimes they’ll have guests like James St. James and some of the other cohorts who appeared in the recently released documentary about Alig.

The show was originally set to be taped during the daytime at the WOW Cafe Theatre until the East Village venue, per Glam, “cruelly kicked us out” after just one event. Lately it has been filmed at the abandoned three-story house in Williamsburg where club-kid-turned-hairstylist Astro Erle has been squatting.

Actually, it looks like Alig himself is making a move across the bridge. “I am finally joining the bandwagon and moving to Brooklyn this weekend,” he wrote in an email.

Guess no one told him Queens is now where it’s at.

“The Pee-ew,” Aug. 22 at 7pm at Lovegun, 617 Grand St., nr. Leonard St., East Williamsburg, 718-338-3441; $10 cover.