photo (1)When one creamery closes, another one opens.

After two years at 201 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg Creamery will officially close at 10:45 p.m. tonight.

“We sold our establishment to Davey’s Ice Cream,” explained a person who answered the phone at Williamsburg Creamery.

But it seems the acquisition is still pretty hush hush. “It’s not official, official yet,” said someone at Davey’s, which opened on First Avenue in late 2013.

Along with OddFellows and Van Leeuwen (if you count the truck), Davey’s would be the third ice cream maker to have locations in both the East Village and Williamsburg. And it wouldn’t be the only new ice cream maker in Billyburg. Over the weekend Alchemy Creamery, one of Smorgasburg’s newcomers, started serving the lastest and greatest in vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free ice cream. Every Saturday, they’ll serve flavors from green tea and coconut to chocolate chai in scoop and push-pop form.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 5.54.18 PM

Almond Vanilla Flavored Vegan Ice Cream (Photo: Instagram @thealcreamist)

“Handsome owners…a woman’s dream…leaking delicious ice cream, made by gorgeous men…only in Brooklyn,” says a Facebook user in one review.

Yaas. Yaas, gurl, yaas. Bet yo arses we’ll be there.