Hey guys, not sure if you’re aware but tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means you’re either stuck with family, flying solo, or awkwardly tagging along with your significant other’s fam. Either way, it’s going to be hell. We really can’t emphasize enough how essential it is to get yourself to a movie theater this holiday weekend. No matter what awful scenario you’ve found yourself in, we’ve got a film for you.

The Cruise
This guy is like a real-life Woody Allen, if Woody Allen weren’t like, you know, a total creep. The Cruise follows Timothy “Speed” Levitch, a tour bus guide and “street philosopher” / preacher type as he makes his way around the streets of Manhattan. Filmmaker Bennett Miller captures Timothy’s complexities and the bustling chaos of New York in stark black-and-white. IFC is screening this documentary along with several others as part of a series curated by Ira Glass, appropriately titled “Ira Glass Favorites.” The radio star himself will be in the house, along with the director, for a Q&A after the film. Tuesday December 2nd, 7:30 at IFC Center; tickets, $14

The Babadook 
Here’s an excellent way to get back at your little cousins for spilling sweet potato marshmallow goop on your brand new velvet turtleneck and once again ruining Thanksgiving. In this Australian horror film a young boy starts having terrible nightmares after the death of his father, that eventually turn into full blown hallucinations. Of course, his mother doesn’t believe him, and grows frightened of his increasingly violent behavior. So she does what any American parent would do and pumps him full of medication. Everything seems to be on the ups until the mother realizes her son may have been onto something. Friday November 28th through Thursday December 4th at IFC Center; tickets, $14

Window On Your Present
Don’t miss this rarely screened vision of a post-apocalyptic Brooklyn that Jarmusch dubbed “a true underground classic.” In the film, a young couple wander through the a deeply depressing carcass, or what’s left of the world. Also, there’s no dialogue. But seriously, after all the inane chatter you’re inevitably going to have to put up with on Thursday, this might be a welcome change. Saturday November 29th, 7:30 pm at Spectacle Theater; tickets, $5 at the door

Wow. Honestly, I had to watch the trailer three times before I realized I’m just going to have to actually see the film before I can decide whether or not this is all a massive joke. Like, is this a serious performance Steve Carrell is giving? Or is he going to break down and have some maniacal laugh attack regarding how he’s definitely not 40 anymore but is definitely still a virgin? Also, I thought Channing Tatum was a football player until I realized I suffer from a mild form of dyslexia and it’s Peyton Manning that is the football player. Premieres Friday November 28th at Sunshine Cinema; tickets, $13.50 

Pretty In Pink
Avoid children’s animated films at all costs and go see a John Hughes with your fam — it’s kid appropriate (in that it will give little ones tragically unrealistic expectations for high school and beyond) and won’t make you vom! Also, Pretty in Pink is part of Nitehawk’s brunch movie series. Just when you think you’ve stuffed yourself beyond reason, think again! Saturday November 29th and Sunday November 30th, noon at Nitehawk Cinema; tickets, $11