(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

If you decided to stay in town this weekend and have money to burn, heads up: Momofuku Ko has just announced that its new location at 8 Extra Place will open in two – count em, two – days. That would be Friday. As you can see from interior shots we took through the window last night, this place is much more inviting than the narrow nook on First Avenue. And it’ll probably be a little easier to get into, since there are a whopping 40 seats.


So what’ll happen in here? Executive chef Sean Gray explains it all via an FAQ just posted on Momofuku’s Lucky Peach blog: Dinner (a $175 prix-fixe menu of about 17 servings, with the option of a $155 bevy pairing) will be available Wednesday through Sunday, with reservations taken online as per usual. (Update: we’re told reservations will open later today.)


“We’re going to try to create a more interactive style of service,” Gray says. “We’re going to try to cook more start-to-finish here—so you will see us butchering a saddle of venison, or frying chips, or turning artichokes during service. We want to make it more about actually cooking instead of plating food for seven hours every night.”

There will also be a greater variety of wines and, for the first time, cocktails. Oh, and all y’all foodtographers: “Momofuku Ko now allows non-flash photography.” Just in case you want to let the world know you can swing a $200+ dinner.