gallery_01-ee6f8bd835e84e66b15aa4c05d2c608eThe pop-up space at Bowery and Kenmare has seen some quirky concepts of late: a cat cafe, a Friends cafe, and a Cafe Bustelo cafe. Its latest incarnation won’t offer coffee, but rather french fries — though it won’t exactly be “offering” them. On Friday and Saturday, mayo and ketchup manufacturer Sir Kensington’s will present an exhibit highlighting “the incredible diversity of New York’s french fries.”

Unlike, say, Pickle Day, you won’t actually be able to eat these “specimens,” as they’ll be “displayed with archival quality.” But hey, you’ll get to see the difference between the tater sticks at Balthazar, Katz’s (at left), and The Smith, among 97 other “acclaimed chefs and iconic restaurants.”

Given the popularity of previous pop-ups in this space, you have to wonder whether this might draw lines worthy of, say, Pommes Frites. The exhibit will be open at 168 Bowery from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Nov. 7 and 8.