IMG_0872What’s coming to the former home of San Loco now that Community Board 3 has shooed off the Best Chef in New York (per this year’s James Beard Awards)? A rotisserie chicken joint. How… exciting.

Over the weekend, we noticed that signage for TakeMeHome Rotisserie Chicken has gone up at 151 Avenue A, across from Tompkins Square Park. San Loco left the nook in February and Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield of The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, etc. made a bid for a cafe, sandwich shop and wine bar there. “Are there really people that don’t want April Bloomfield coming into their neighborhood?” asked Ken Friedman at the time. “If so, fuck em!”

There were indeed people who didn’t want Bloomfield on Avenue A — namely, the community board. Friedman respected their wishes, though he didn’t have to, and told Eater, “Unfortunately for those who think they’ve done a great thing by preventing another restaurant or bar from opening there, they will discover that the rent is too high for a barber shop or frozen yogurt store, so a bar or another taco shop will most likely take this space.”

Nope, not a bar or a taco shop. A typographically-challenged rotisserie chicken joint. How… exciting!