It’s a good time to be a Dustin Diamond fan (anyone?). First off, Lifetime just unleashed a teaser for its forthcoming “unauthorized” Saved By the Bell movie, which depicts behind-the-scenes antics such as Diamond (aka Screech) clocking Mark Paul Gosselaar (aka Zach Morris) and yelling, “I AM NOT. SCREECH!”

This is obviously going to be good, but it’ll be nowhere near as good as this: starting Aug. 27, Dustin Diamond (the real Dustin Diamond, in all of his goateed glory) is joining the cast of Bayside: The Musical, the randy SBTB send-up that also saw a cameo from Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding). He’ll be playing himself, and there’ll be a meet-and-greet after each performance.

Diamond will be on board for four performances a week at Theatre 80, on St. Marks Place, “at least through November, hopefully forever,” according to the folks behind the musical. Get your tickets here — or just hang out at the theater’s in-house bar, the William Barnacle Tavern, in hopes of drinking absinthe with him.

As for the much tamer Lifetime movie, that premieres Labor Day, preppy.