When Bushwick’s DIY studio space and artist residence 3rd Ward abruptly shuttered its doors last October, members, teachers and students were left out in the cold. They were given a day’s notice to vacate and gather their belongings, and were notified via email that they wouldn’t receive any refunds for unused memberships or classes. Nearly a year later, former 3rd Ward teacher Robin Grearson is collecting data from members in order to find out just how much money they’re owed.

Grearson says that the amount hasn’t been quantified, but she’s worried that it could be as much as $50,000. Yesterday she sent out an email to community members, and within the first day alone, she received claims totaling $10,000.

If you’re a former member of 3rd Ward, Grearson wants to hear from you. These are the questions she’d like answered, for a nonfiction writing project to be determined:

How much does 3rd Ward owe you? You, your friends, your teachers, the co-working businesses, studio tenants, vendors, 3W Philly members?

Did your invoices get paid? Did you try to file a claim or collect? Were your memberships or class fees refunded? Did anyone respond to calls or emails? Where are you working or teaching now, have you moved? What have you been up to since 3rd Ward closed?

Grearson says she won’t disclose any personal or financial information, as she’s just looking for total amounts. If you or anyone you know has information to share, you can find her e-mail address here.