Dear: Rivington + owner Moon Rhee in the new Noho location (Photo: Kirsten O’Regan)

High-end fashion retailers are staking out Noho like there’s no tomorrow. First there was A.P.C., then Filson landed, and Phillip Lim scored a still-under-construction spot. Now, vintage/modern luxe store Dear: Rivington+ has just moved into 37 Great Jones, fresh from its former digs on Rivington Street.

The new store has been a month and a half in the making, and according to Korean-born, New York-based owner Moon Rhee, is aesthetically in keeping with Dear: Rivington+’s previous incarnation. The whitewashed, exposed brick interior is scattered with exquisite vintage garments, ceramics, gleaming pearl necklaces, attractively distressed antiques, and minimalist contemporary designs (some by Moon’s own label).

“We do avant-garde modern cuts,” explains Moon, “but the concept of the store is the mixture between modern pieces and old pieces together. That’s what we love.” ‘We’ refers to Heyja Do, Moon’s wife and the store’s co-owner. As Creative Director, it’s Heyja who is responsible for the innovative styling of Dear: Rivington+’s mannequins.

The couple have been collecting pieces on their travels around the world for coming on 20 years, and they still have plenty left in storage.

While the store itself may have remained fairly unchanged by the relocation, Moon says that the new Noho spot is “a little more high end” than their previous situation on the Lower East Side. Moon’s thrilled with the new neighborhood, not least because no one’s allowed to park outside thanks to the firehouse across the street.

Check out photographs of the new space in the slideshow below.