Where's my chippy? photo chippy2.gif

This could be the antidote to all the tot shots that have been flooding your Facebook feed lately. Umbrella Arts is putting on a show called “Kids (Not Cute)” — as the title implies, it’ll be dedicated to photographs of yung’uns that are “a bit out of the ordinary, not the conventionally cute and sentimental images that are often seen.”

You know: the type of kids who’d play with concrete teddy bears. If you’ve got something that fits the bill, you can submit it here and it’ll be judged by the East Village gallery’s director of photography, Harvey Stein, who knows a thing or two about the subject matter: he’s the author of Parallels: A Look at Twins, among several other tomes.

Around 40 works will be included in the exhibition, which opens Dec. 4, as well as in a book that’ll be sold at the show.

For a sense of what Umbrella Arts might be looking for, look no further than the W.C. Fields quote at the bottom of the call for submissions: “I like children — fried.”