The relatively unknown author whose debut novel vaulted to the top of the bestseller list after The Colbert Report made it a weapon in its war against Amazon is appearing at a local bookstore tonight. And yes, it’s an indie — namely, Greenpoint’s Word.

If you haven’t been following: Edan Lepucki realized a debut novelist’s dream publicity scenario (and no, we’re not talking about sharing Lena Dunham anecdotes, though Emily Gould will be appearing in Greenpoint this Thursday) when Sherman Alexie encouraged Colbert viewers to buy her post-apocalyptic novel, California, from indie bookseller Powell’s in order to wage war against Amazon (in the midst of a contract dispute with Colbert’s publisher, Amazon had been delaying shipping of Hachette books). Colbert took that ball and ran with it, plugging the book on a subsequent broadcast and tweeting it at Colbert Nation, and soon enough California was number 3 on the New York Times bestseller list. According to the Times, she just signed a mind-boggling 10,000 copies of the novel for Powell’s.

Last night, Lepucki appeared on Colbert to pay it forward, recommending Stephan Eirik Clark’s debut novel Sweetness #9. While she’s in town, the Californian will also drop into Word at 7 p.m. tonight. And while she continues to ride Colbert’s coattails, you can get a free ride, too! According to a Facebook message, Gett is offering $20 to anyone who downloads its app to order a black car to Word. Just download the app and enter “FREERIDE.”

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