Introducing Tribes, in which we ask a select group of New Yorkers what they’re wearing. This week: gallerists and artists from Friday’s Greenpoint Gallery Night.

(All photos: Konstantin Sergayev)

(All photos: Konstantin Sergeyev)

Artist, Dose Project Space

The jacket is Sasson, from the ’80s. I got it at Salvation Army on Manhattan Avenue. I get almost all my clothes there. I got my boots there as well. And the tank top is American Apparel. I found it just stuffed under a bench in a bar The Drink. I think somebody stole it from the store, cause it has a hole where the anti-theft magnet apparently was. Nobody else wanted it, so I took it and I wear it all the time.

(All photos: Konstantin Sergeyev)

Director, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery
I like to wear the uniform and not to change the clothing a lot. I’m wearing Asics sneakers, which I buy a pair of online every year. I am also wearing Levi’s jeans; and the shirt is from Target. I was trying on Wrangler shirts, but they’re huge. And I have two bracelets – one Southwestern, the other by a French designer, Dinh Van, which was a gift. I can’t afford a $1,000 bracelet, especially one made from string.

Artist; Curator-in-residence, Booklyn Artist Alliance

This is a hand-made coat, which I got from the Ladies’ Village Improvement Society in East Hampton. The profits go towards beautifying the town and fighting domestic violence. It’s super warm.

Director, Calico
The gallery is the front part of the space, and in the back part I have a wood shop, where I build things for artists, so the way I dress for work is combination of being able to get dirty in the wood shop and also look professional in the gallery. Now I’m wearing Uniqlo Jeans, Vans shoes, and a button-down shirt from J.Crew – I love it, it’s a perfect fit! And an actual vintage Nike hat from the ’80s, a hand me down from a friend.

Owner, Fowler Project Space

I’m not wearing anything exciting. It’s a J.Crew sweater – it’s warm, and has a little embellishment to it. Joe’s jeans, and Frye shoes. So I can still run around and get the show ready. The shoes have heels, but they are very comfortable to walk around in the snow and ice.

With Mateo and Eva.

With Mateo and Eva.

Curator and artist, Calico

I’m wearing a Baby Bjorn stuffed with my daughter, which is stuffed inside of a pink bear hoodie. I’m also wearing a not very fashionable L.L. Bean jacket, blue jeans, and red sneakers, which are faintly fashionable. Mateo is wearing a G Train shirt, which is a part of the MTA T-shirt collection, and a red car.

Artist, Fowler Project Space, and managing editor at DailyServing

The scarf comes from a sale in San Francisco, that this guy has just once a year. He goes to Thailand, buys textiles, and then right before Christmas, he just pulls up his garage door and has this beautiful selection of Asian textiles. I just happened to be walking by his garage on Valencia Street, and I got this scarf. Actually, I bought it for my husband. And then I took it back.

The sweater is J.Crew. When I was a kid, my family had no money. That was when J.Crew started, and we would get the catalogue, but we couldn’t afford to buy anything from it. So now J.Crew is a fetish for me. The dress is Boden, the British equivalent of the Gap. It comes from their teen girl department.

Artist, Calico

I am wearing a jacket which was bought by my now wife to travel to New York back in 2001. I live in Dallas, so this has become my NYC winter jacket. I wear it about twice a year in Dallas. I am also wearing old Sketchers work boots, that have paint on them, and a long-sleeve pullover, and a Foo Fighters T-shirt from a 1997 concert.


Most importantly, I’m wearing [Uniqlo] Heattech, because it’s so cold. My earrings I got somewhere, but I added shark teeth to them. I’m from Florida and you can get shark teeth everywhere there. The necklace I made myself from a computer chip. I got the dress in Zara, I believe, a long time ago, and I got it tailored. The ring I made — it was the first ring I’ve ever made. It’s also shark-shaped. I’m really into sharks.

Carolyn’s studio manager
I am wearing things that fit me, because I quit smoking, so I don’t have so much stuff that fits me anymore. Pants are from Uniqlo, sweater too…Actually everything I am wearing is from Uniqlo, except my scarf, which is John Varvatos, and my shoes are something expensive, that I forget, from Italy. When I was in college there was this thing that you had to wear one thing that cost under $2, and one that cost over $200. So I guess I haven’t graduated from college emotionally.

Artist, Fowler Project Space

I’m wearing black corduroy pants, and a few layers. I am from San Francisco, so I’m very cold right now. I haven’t taken this coat off since I arrived in New York two days ago. The coat is borrowed, because I don’t even own a coat, which keeps the warmth to this level. My coworker was here a few weeks ago, and she brought the coat back with her. She just told me: You will need it. So now it’s an official coat for New York for my whole office.