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Greenpoint Gets a New Gallery For ‘Old Timers’ and New Blood Alike

(Photo: Nicole Disser)

Kim Brown, owner of Greenpoint Hill (Photo: Nicole Disser)

For the most part, Greenpoint artists fly under the radar, and they seem to prefer it that way. Walking along Franklin Avenue last night, a street I walk every day, I caught a glimpse of a painters studio I’d never seen before. It was bathed in red light, hidden inside an industrial building.

“Definitely my whole approach toward the art world is a little quieter,” explained Kim Brown, the owner of Greenpoint Hill, a brand new gallery/retail shop that just opened near the waterfront last week.

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What the Artists and Gallerists Wore to Greenpoint Gallery Night

Introducing Tribes, in which we ask a select group of New Yorkers what they’re wearing. This week: gallerists and artists from Friday’s Greenpoint Gallery Night.

(All photos: Konstantin Sergayev)

(All photos: Konstantin Sergeyev)

Artist, Dose Project Space

The jacket is Sasson, from the ’80s. I got it at Salvation Army on Manhattan Avenue. I get almost all my clothes there. I got my boots there as well. And the tank top is American Apparel. I found it just stuffed under a bench in a bar The Drink. I think somebody stole it from the store, cause it has a hole where the anti-theft magnet apparently was. Nobody else wanted it, so I took it and I wear it all the time.
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