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What the Artists and Gallerists Wore to Greenpoint Gallery Night

Introducing Tribes, in which we ask a select group of New Yorkers what they’re wearing. This week: gallerists and artists from Friday’s Greenpoint Gallery Night.

(All photos: Konstantin Sergayev)

(All photos: Konstantin Sergeyev)

Artist, Dose Project Space

The jacket is Sasson, from the ’80s. I got it at Salvation Army on Manhattan Avenue. I get almost all my clothes there. I got my boots there as well. And the tank top is American Apparel. I found it just stuffed under a bench in a bar The Drink. I think somebody stole it from the store, cause it has a hole where the anti-theft magnet apparently was. Nobody else wanted it, so I took it and I wear it all the time.
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These Purple Projections Are the Trippiest Thing You’ll See This Week

If you missed the installation that artist/illustrator Noémi Schipfer and architect/musician Takami Nakamoto (aka Nonotak) brought to Fowler Project Space in Greenpoint earlier this month, well at least don’t miss the video the Paris-based duo just unleashed, above. “Daydream V.03,” as the audiovisual piece is called, is a trip and a half. And is all the more impressive because it’s created using projectors and fabric, rather than LED lights. When you’re done watching, check out the below video featuring the 10 plexiglass pieces they sold — from a series titled “Masks.”
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Magic Flying Carpets and Late Night Openings: Art This Weekend

Artwork by Sara Schneckloth

Artwork by Sara Schneckloth.

Between the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival taking over galleries and venues across the borough and Williamsburg Every 2:ND going down tonight, it’s a big weekend for art. Here’s what’s worth checking out — just in case you hadn’t been scouring our events calendar).
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