-1Brooklyn-based rapper Feebzz is back with her sophomore mixtape, Every Single Night, and we’ve got your first listen below. The album just came out today, but it’s already managed to piss a few individuals off — including Morrissey, whose people sent the female MC a cease-and-desist order last week for illegally sampling “How Soon is Now” on her song “Shut Yr Mouth, Bitch.” In proper gangsta form, Feebzz remains true to her persona of not giving a fuck (one of her raps is actually titled “IDGAF”) and isn’t planning on taking the track offline. Feebzz told Bedford + Bowery, “I’m not selling the song and I don’t have a lawyer or anything,” and that she’s “just gonna ignore it until it goes away.”

Morrissey isn’t the only icon to make a cameo on the eleven-song mixtape: In the record’s intro, Feebzz can be heard rapping “I’m no princess, I am a kingpen, and all my bitches fly, so I call them my wingmen,” over a warped sample of Madonna’s 1998 “Frozen.” Every Single Night pulls from the past, but with its trippy computer-generated artwork/sound, and no shortage of drug-inspired lyrics, the tape lives up to the young rapper’s self-described genre of futuristic party rap

Feebzz, who is also one of Ryan McGinley’s protégés, recorded the album in her living room with her collaborator Blizzedout. For inspiration, during the making of the tape, she would reminisce about her teenage days at The Shank — the now-defunct Williamsburg DIY venue. She also told us she was heavily inspired by “Chief Keef and his prolific use of Youtube during the beginning of his career. Especially all of the videos he made while on house arrest at his grandmother’s apartment,” as well as “Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows.”

Give it a listen below and if you like it, check out her video for “Shut Yr Mouth, Bitch” before a certain British musician gets it taken off YouTube.