After Bushwick Burlesque’s rather intense tribute to Marina Abromovic, we could definitely use a lighter shade of titillation — so we’re psyched to hear that The Big Lebowski Burlesque is coming to the Slipper Room.

When you think about it, the idea isn’t that far-fetched: Bunny Lebowski was “very free-spirited” (as the late Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s character put it), and the Slipper Room is rigged for aerial acts like Maude’s naked splatter painting. It’s a safe bet you’ll hear the line, “Does the female uniform make you uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski?” Chances are, Jesus will expose himself (hopefully not to an eight-year-old this time) — and we have a feeling we’ll finally get to see The Dude without his bathrobe on. So fortify yourself with White Russians.

The folks responsible for this? Hotsy Totsy Burlesque. Over the course of six years, they’ve spoofed Star Wars, Mad Men — even The Golden Girls. This show, Feb. 19 at 8 p.m., kicks off their new residency at The Slipper Room, where they’ll hold court the third Wednesday of every month. For tickets, head over here.