MIRRORS, Tim Bruniges. Installation view. At Signal in Bushwick. (Photo: Courtesy of Signal)

We can say without hyperbole that this is by far the coolest thing that will ever happen in the history of mankind.

This Sunday, experimental/weirdo/brilliant musician Sean Nicholas Savage is bringing his signature awesome weirdness to Signal gallery in Bushwick. Savage is a performance character of sorts (like Boy George, but hipper) who first rose to infamy in the illegal after hours scene in Montreal (the same scene that gave birth to Grimes).

He is not bound by genre and his performances are known to be at once mesmerizing and unsettling, largely because of his campy melodrama and erratic outbursts (at one show he kicked over a girl in a wheelchair and then destroyed the wheelchair, but apparently she was in on it).

But wait, there’s more! Savage is joined by synth-pop group of the moment, TONSTARTSSBANDHT (that’s TAHN-starts-bandit, for those of you not in the know). These fellas are idolized by esoteric music bloggers and, more recently, the hipper mainstream publications. They’re also brothers, which is neat. Here they are playing one of 285 Kent’s last shows.

The whole spectacular experience costs only $8. But wait, THERE’S MORE. The show currently on view at Signal, MIRRORS, is a site specific installation by Aussie artist Tim Bruniges that consists of two monstrous concrete structures whose curves amplify sound waves.

We feel cooler just for knowing about this.