Welcome to Girls Talk, in which two of our favorite New Yorkers share the text messages they sent during this week’s episode of Girls.

Girls season 3 ep 5

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Rob Michael Hubel.

Rob Michael Hubel.

The text in blue belongs to Rob Michael Hugel, creator and star of the Williamsburg-set web series I Hate Being Single. He directed episodes of Broad City before it was picked up by Comedy Central, as well as UCB comedy videos, including that Girls tour of Greenpoint featuring Sasheer Zamata.

Shannon Coffee takes a selfie.

Shannon Coffee takes a selfie.

The text in gray belongs to Shannon Coffey, Hugel’s I Hate Being Single co-star (they’ve got an Indiegogo campaign going to raise money for season two). Three times per week, she posts new content on her YouTube channel, Random Ass Girly Channel. She used to helm an online talk show called Coffey Chat.

Episode 5: “Only Child”
Adam accompanies Hannah to her editor’s funeral. To justify her unsympathetic reaction to David’s death, in the last episode Hannah told Adam a lie about having a pre-teen cousin who died in her arms.


After the service, David’s widow (yup, gay David had a Mrs.) tells Hannah that her eBook’s no longer going to happen, but agrees to refer her to another publishing house (before telling Hannah to “get the fuck out”).

Back at the apartment, Hannah is excited to announce that she’s made an appointment with the new publisher, but Adam and Caroline are seething at each other. Hannah relishes the opportunity to mediate, and Caroline says that Adam uses rage to hide the fact that he’s always been attracted to his sister.


Now that she has a kitten, Marnie seems to have a new lease on life. She goes to Ray’s apartment, supposedly to find out why her personality drives people away. They hook up.


A new publisher is interested, but Hannah no longer has a book — Mill Street owns the rights to her stories for the next three years. She kicks Caroline out of her apartment. When he gets home and sees that his sister’s gone, Adam swoops into protective-brother mode.


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