Welcome to Last Night’s Playlist, in which our favorite DJs share the tunes they played last night. 

(Photo: Joey LaBeija)

(Photo: Joey LaBeija)

Bronx native and resident Joey LaBeija got his start as a DJ about a year ago when his boss, nightlife legend Susanne Bartsch, put him on during her weekly at Le Bain. Since then he’s done shows on three continents (he travelled to Barcelona for the Vogue Ball in April and headlined the notorious FancyHIM in Tokyo). This month he and Ian Isiah opened for Blood Orange (aka Dev Hynes) at a sold-out show at Webster Hall, plus he and Junglepussy opened for Theophilus London at his Milk Studios EP release party. LaBeija told us what he spun in the earliest hours of Sunday morning at Baby’s All Right. (Like LaBeija himself, many of these folks are fixtures of the Bushwick trap rave scene).

(Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev)

1. “Someone Broke In 2 My Ice Box” – Omarion vs Nguzunguzu (Joey LaBeija’s VIP edit) – It was around 1:30 when I started my set and this was my opening song. I generally loathe Valentine’s day so I thought playing this was more than fitting. (Right before this song I played one minute worth of funeral bells. #DebbieDowner?)

2. “Big Boob Bitch”- Dai Burger – I love this song; Dai is an old friend of mine. I play this song almost every morning when I wake up just to remind myself of how sexy I am. (THANKS DAI)

3. “What I Want HA”- Divoli S’vere – This track makes all my friends GO OFF. As soon as I played it, I looked up and saw all my friends voguing and dipping like their lives depended on it.

4. “Buddah Vs Sugur” – Sugur Shane – My friend Shane really went in on this song; it will turn the most masculine man into a queen.

5. “Damaged Bells” – Danity Kane vs Jam City (Joey LaBeija Fuck Up) – A remix I made for all the heartbroken homies </3

6. “Harp Bell/Be Happy” – Nguzunguzu vs Mary J Blige – I did a live edit of these two tracks last night. Nguguznguzu’s beat to “Harp Bell” is so genius. Layering Mary J’s vocals just takes it to the NEXT LEVEL

7. “Take You Home” – Terror Squad – I had to throw this one to slow things down…Give all the cuties a moment to slow wind and grind on each other.

8. “She.O.E.N.O” – House of Ladosha – I love that everyone thinks that it’s the original version of the track when the intro starts playing and then Dosha goes HAM and everyone turns up.

9. “Hunters Tale Or Rihanna Stalking Rihanna” – Total Freedom – Total Freedom is my favorite dj/producer. All of his work is mind blowing and this is one of my FAVORITE tracks by him. I definitely play it every time I spin and the crowd always goes nuts when the bass drops.

10. “OG Bobby Johnson” – Que – I ended my set with this last track last night. I’ve been playing it on repeat every day for the last few weeks…this beat and lyrics bring out the Atlanta stripper that lives inside of me.