Hanksy toilet seats. Photo: courtesy of Krause Gallery

“Gatspee” and not “Leonard DiCraprio”? (Photo courtesy of Krause Gallery)

If you hate Bansky, you probably abhor Hanksy – his cheap viral, pun-enthused knockoff. But say what you will, the Bushwick-based parody artist knows how to make a quick buck with minimal effort, and there’s only one way we feel about that — jealous.

Yesterday’s Times profile is only likely to stir up additional interest in the artist who may or may not be Adam Himebauch, a partner in Lower East Side bar Forgetmenot. So, why don’t you take a page out of Hanksy’s book and try to make a quick buck with minimal effort! Krause Gallery is selling these Hanksy toilet seats for $1,500 a pop.

Update: Krause Gallery sends over a video that went up yesterday, documenting the art show Hanksy and other street artists put up last month in an abandoned East Village brownstone. The video is by Ricky Shabazz, with a soundtrack by Bushwick’s own So So Glos.