1656234_10151858988077035_1420919424_nA group of concerned Lower East Siders is trying to put the kibosh on $1-slice joints, but they can’t keep you from scarfing down FREE pizza. Which is what Two Bit’s Retro Arcade is offering. This Tuesday from 9:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. it’s Pizza Tuesdays, featuring free slices from Rizzo’s at 10 p.m. And free popcorn, too! As if that’s not enough, Shocked Minds drummer Kirk Podell will spin rock, punk, post-punk and garage, and there’ll be 25-cent arcade games and cult films on the big screen. AND Lady Bree will be pouring $4.50 pints all night. Granted, Two Bit’s isn’t the first bar to offer free pizza, but it’s the first to advertise it via an awesome Garbage Pail Kids flyer (by Bowery Boys bassist Sam Hariss). Respect!