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Before social media, Valentine’s Day was an occasion for couples to show their love to one another via handwritten notes, chocolates, Hallmark cards and roses. Now it is an opportunity for couples to show the world how vomit-inducingly in love they are whilst reenforcing how crappy and meaningless and empty our lives are by comparison.

Luckily, in a handful of instances, this is not the case. Here are a few local heroes (and local businesses) who got social media-ing on V-Day right. The rest of you can go….. snuggle up by a roaring fire and enjoy your romantic day (or choke on a heart-shaped pizza, whichever is easiest).

1. Our hearts are exploding for Bluestockings Bookstore today.

via Bluestockings Bookstore's Facebook

via Bluestockings Bookstore’s Facebook

2. The least lame person we can think of is Har Mar Superstar. Though he is in Paris and his Valentine, photographer Kendra Elliot, is in Brooklyn, he found a way to make her V-Day extra cheesy…

3. Andrew WK shows us Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers (misspelling and all).


4. Thanks, James Franco. You always know just what to say.

5. We can’t think of anything sexier than cured salmon breath… unless perhaps it’s consumed alongside onions and capers on an everything bagel. #romance

6. If not smoked fish, then smoked meat…

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7. This is clever.


8. Caracas Arepa Bar went full Cupid:

9. Big Gay Ice Cream seems to be celebrating the same way we are. Weird.


Actually, they’re just being coy:

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10. Or, just quit your wining and just treat it like any other day a la Il Buco Alimentari.


11. And the winner?

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